Underwater Basket-weaving Class

 Interactive Project

Brainstorming, Experimentation, & Arrangement

This project was birthed after I took the photos off of my time project and the black paper hanging from the dowel was left. I didn't really feel like taking it down, so I threw a few globs of yellow paint on it. After Robbie volunteered to splatter some more on it, I decided to make it my interactive project for all who felt like it to do whatever they wanted with it. Previously, my yellow notecard read "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ARTWORK." I crossed out the NOT for this project- I found it charming. With the help of the Art I classes, my project took on a life of its own. 


I would take a picture every couple days of the project as a whole, as well as some close-ups, which was a nice exercise of my photography skills. The many layers created by the vast amount of participants helped to create a beautiful piece of art that had great color balance as well as creative materials- some ribbon was used as well as tissue paper, magazine cut-outs, spray paint, and marker, as well as paint. I took a huge risk in asking people to do this- there was a great possibility I would end up with something inappropriate drawn or written, effectively ruining the project. Luckily, nothing like that happened. Really, the only non-abstract doodles were perhaps an elephant, some shapes, and a smiley face, and the things written were names, and a brilliant reference to underwater basket-weaving, which was made even more brilliant because I went through two years of marching band with Mr. Rowe making jokes about that non-existent class.

Dec, 10, 2013

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