My new shoes I plan on wearing the moment the paint dries

Layering Project Re-do


I just wasn't happy with my intertextuality project, so instead of turning it in, I'm doing a different project for the grade- a re-do of the layering project because I wasn't thrilled about that one either. So, there's a girl in my chorus with shoes like this.

And it makes me really jealous, because although I love my heels, I would die for a pair of musical shoes. Music is my thing and I love shoes. Yes. But these shoes are expensive. Other musical shoes googled do not meet my standard.

But I did find a craft site where other people make music shoes, however sub-standard their methods are.
So then I figured I could probably modge-podge some of my sheet music onto a pair of my favorite-style heels.

Experimentation and Arrangement

 (thanks for the canvas, Kae!)

 It worked pretty well, but my inexperience with modge-podge and a project like this in general definitely shows in this first shoe. Things are kind of haphazardly clumped together in a kind of collage-like manner, and there are several tiny black spaces showing.


Now knowing what I'm doing improved the second shoes drastically. The lines of sheet music are neat and aesthetically appealing in a way that, though attractive, the first pair were not. Then I went back and touched up both of them and here we are. I plan on wearing them out in a couple hours. I'll probably take some pics later with my feet in them.

Q. Layering has several meanings. Some view it as the bottom layer having no more valuable than the top. What is your interpretation of Layering and how did you show Layering in your project?

A. Well, there wasn't much meaning in this piece. But making this project did show that I needed to pay attention to both the top and the bottom to make it look attractive- on the second shoe, there were several instances in which I would put the top underneath the bottom in order to make it look more appealing, rather than my actions on the first shoe in which I simply glued paper over paper.

Q. We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new. What risks did you take creating this project?

A. It's a kind of "out-there" project. Who glues stuff on shoes? Yeah, I've never used modge-podge before. Unless it was in elementary school or something. I'm also going to be risky by wearing these out in the rain before I start mass-producing them (exaggerating, but I do have some willing customers in line) so I can make sure the paint-glaze stuff protects the paper properly. But yeah. Risks, yay.

Q. Of the 5 characteristics of great art (technique, concept, emotion, new, medium) which did you include in your art?

A. I show great improvement of technique, and I'd say it's an interesting, new concept and an exploration of a new medium. Not much emotion invoked from lookers-on, though. Unless looking at shoes makes them really emotional in some sort of traumatic or worshipful way?

I've answered the other questions in my blabber in the other sections.

Jan 12, 2014

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